Stakeholder Relationships Engagement & Assessments

What makes our Metrics from Relational Analytics a Value-creator Why Measure your Relational Infrastructure of Stakeholder Relationships? What we offer
Our metrics enables organizations to measure the actual quality of their internal and external stakeholders. It is a robust tool. The results of these qualitative measures are reportable in quantitative index leading to a relational balance sheet.We provide hard data on relationships as a key driver of risk and valueWe offer certifiable quality of service supported by 30 years of research and two triangulated books as intellectual
Our Metrics provides the frameworks and tools to the emerging requirements of the IIRC and King IV on stakeholder relationship engagement and measurements We help organizations develop a nuanced understanding of strengths and weaknesses arising from their own relational capital and impacting on third parties.We provide hard data on relationships as a key driver of risk and value
We help organizations base interventions on legitimate evidenceWe have a track record for capacity and passion for stakeholder relationship engagement and assessment. We have delivered for high-end clients and we really love to co-determine and co-create through empathic listening
Measuring produces a credible Relational Balance Sheet that goes to Integrated Reports We assist you do a stakeholder mapping, from broad categories to segments and zero-in-on down to names behind the infrastructure of relationships.