Project Management Programmes

  1. Managing Large Public Information Technology Project
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programmes and Projects
  3. Project Planning and Analysis
  4. Advanced Supply Chain Management
  5. Strategic Project Management Programme
  6. Project Design Identification, Preparation Appraisal and Negotiations
  7. Operational Project Planning
  8. Project Performance Indicators: Monitoring and Evaluation
  9. Value for Money (VFM) Auditing for Projects
  10. Project Budgeting and Cost Control
  11. Project Team Management
  12. Project Management and Gender Mainstreaming
  13. Advanced Project Management
  14. Project Contracts and Consortium Management
  15. Managing Project for Municipal Service Delivery
  16. Project Governance Programme
  17. Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  18. Procurement of Goods and Services
  19. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Project Management
  20. Managing Housing and Urban Development Project
  21. Managing Transport Infrastructure Project
  22. Project Finance Modeling
  23. Advanced Computerized Project Management