Managing Organisations and Institutions

  1. Advanced Corporate Governance Programme
  2. Institutional Reforms and Management
  3. Advanced Strategic and Change Management
  4. Institutional Design of Regulatory Authorities
  5. Advanced Leadership for Senior Executives
  6. Strategic Management for Women in Leadership
  7. Strategy and Balanced Scorecard Development
  8. Results Based Management (RBM)
  9. Advisory and Consultancy Skills
  10. Advanced Research Design and Presentation Skills – SPSS Applications
  11. Social Policy Development and Management
  12. Organizational Development for Advisors and Consultants
  13. Women Leadership and Emerging Democracies
  14. Research and Presentation Skills

Onsite Training

As an NLDI customer, when you consider your training budget, you want to get as much value out of your training investment as possible.

Accordingly, we believe that the end result of any training or development intervention should be able to show a significant return on investment whether it be in increased performance, profitability or improved efficiencies. So, (through the Pre-programme preparation process) we listen to what you want and need and believe that accurately determining your training needs is the very first step on the road to delivering effective training that always hits the right target.

Our aim is to provide you with a complete Leadership Development training solution.

In this regard, we:

  • Take time to understand your business
  • Our training solutions are aligned to your organization’s needs
  • If the training programme does not exist – we will create it just for you!
  • We research, design and develop our own Programmes
  • Our Programme Facilitators are the best!
  • Whether a large or small group, we will deliver every time
  • No geographical limitations
  • We guarantee that we will save you money
  • We are committed to service excellence, customer service and quality leadership development.

Please fill in the Needs Assessment Form (to be developed)