Financial Management and Economic Analysis

  1. Advanced Budgetary Financial Control
  2. Budgeting Accountability in Local Government
  3. Financial Management, Budgetary and Investment Planning for Utilities
  4. Tariff Planning and Structuring
  5. Municipal Finance and Budgeting Systems
  6. Advanced Forensic and Computer Auditing
  7. Advanced Credit Risk Management
  8. Internal and External Debt Management Programme
  9. Development and Management of Economic Empowerment Policies
  10. Financial Modeling in Excel
  11. International Trade and Finance
  12. Advanced Project Finance and Financial Modeling Techniques
  13. Economic Policy Research Methods and Analysis
  14. Advanced Budgeting and Investment Planning
  15. Asset and Liability Management
  16. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  17. SPSS for Economic Planning and Analysis
  18. Advanced Internal Auditing
  19. Fraud Auditing and Financial Accounting
  20. Treasury Management Programme
  21. Statistical Analysis for Economic Planners
  22. Revenue Collection Management
  23. Trade Negotiation Skills Programme
  24. Advanced Computerized Financial Management
  25. Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management