National Treasury Minimum Competency Training


According to the  Government Gazette 29967 of 15 June 2007 all Public Finance office bearers that includes;  accounting officers, senior managers, chief financial officer and other financial and supply chain officials of a municipality must meet certain minimum financial management and supply chain competency. As Norkem we are privileged to be accredited to implement this programme.

Target Group

  • Accounting officers
  • Chief financial officers
  • Senior managers
  • Middle management financial officials
  • Heads of supply chain and supply chain senior managers

Programme Outline

  • Strategic leadership and management
  • Strategic financial management
  • Operational financial management
  • Governance, ethics and values in financial management
  • Financial and performance reporting
  • Risk and change management
  • Legislation, policy and implementation
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Supply chain management
  • Audit and assurance
  • Project management

Unit standards included:

119343, 116343, 119334, 116353, 116339, 116345, 119352, 119341, 119331, 116364, 116363, 119350, 119348, 116341, 116351, 116361, 116348, 116342, 116362, 116358, 116346, 116357, 116344, 119351, 116360, 119353, 116344, 116347, 116340

A learner can fulfil Learning Programmes in part or in whole. This implies that a learner may opt to register for the whole learning programme at once or a set of modules within a learning programme progressively until all requirements have been met. In such a case, a learner will effectively exit with a certificate endorsed by the LGSETA after completing each learning programme. We recommend that officials affected by the regulations review their existing qualifications and experience through an assessment conducted by appropriately qualified Occupationally Directed Practitioners, ODPs, to determine the extent to which qualifications and experience meet the competency levels. ODPs are able to facilitate and perform work based assessment.