Municipal Finance Management (MFM) SAQA ID 48965, NQF Level 6 – Certificate

The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply strategic level financial management competencies to ensure effective, efficient and economical utilisation of public funds and resources at local government level. Learners will develop competencies to manage strategic planning and budgeting processes, financial management processes and internal control, auditing and reporting processes. Individual learners will benefit through enhancing their personal competencies, knowledge and skills so as to be able to complete tasks required in their employment contracts and by legislation.

The qualification serves to provide the opportunity for new and existing public sector employees to gain financial management competencies. In this light it serves to allow access to management positions for groupings previously excluded from such positions. Through providing financial management competencies South Africa’s democracy can be strengthened, through strengthening the ability of local government to deliver. Delivery of services, and most importantly of basic services will contribute to the social and economic development of the country. As individuals competencies improve, the quality as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of local government will improve. Managers with competencies in financial management will assure that all processes of budgeting, financial management, internal control, auditing and reporting meet the conditions of relevant legislation and in this way are accountable to the public.

Norkem Leadership Development Institute (NLDI) has developed this Qualification into the following skills programme;

  1. Corporative Governance & Stakeholder Relations
  2. Municipal Legislative environment and Policy
  3. Municipal strategic planning and Implementation
  4. Managing Risk in a Municipal context
  5. Public Private Partnership in Municipal Service Delivery
  6. Municipal Budgeting and Implementation
  7. Municipal Financial Reporting and Performance Management
  8. Management of Municipal Assets and Liabilities
  9. Cost Management and Capital Planning
  10. Municipal Supply chain Management