Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development SAQA ID 58761, NQF Level 4

The purpose of the NQF Level 4, The Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development is an entry-level Qualification for those who want to enter the field of Education, Training and Development, specifically within the sub-field of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Many of those who will seek this Qualification are already practising within the field, but without formal recognition. This Qualification will enable recipients of this Qualification to facilitate the all-round development of young children in a manner that is sensitive to culture and individual needs (including special needs), and enable them to provide quality early childhood development services for children in a variety of contexts, including community-based services, ECD centres, at home and in institutions. In particular, recipients of this qualification will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for Early Childhood Development.
  • Facilitate and monitor the development of babies, toddlers and young children.
  • Provide care and support to babies, toddlers and young children.

Practitioners will generally carry out their role under supervision and with the support of designed programmes.

This Qualification will provide a means for formal recognition of those who are already practising in the field, but without qualifications, as well as for those who wish to enter the field. This qualification will also provide a basis for further professional development in the higher education and training band for many experienced practitioners in the field who have had limited or difficult access to further career development opportunities.

Learning outcomes

  • Get to know one another better
  • Set guidelines for working together
  • Contract to course requirements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of assessment procedures
  • Explain the NQF and outcomes-based education including the requirements for qualifications
  • Demonstrate an understanding of where they fit into the NQF and how they will progress on the ladder
  • Explain how the learning programme will lead to the award of credits
  • Identify career options open to themselves for further learning