Welcome to Norkem Leadership,  Accredited Training Institute , Reg. Number LGRS-1211-141204




Norkem Leadership Development Institute (NLDI) is an accredited training Institution. We are proud to be accredited with Local Government SETA (LG SETA), Public Service Sector Education & Training Authority (PSETA), and Education, training and development practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA), amongst others.

Norkem Leadership is registered and validated by National Treasury to provide accredited training programme designed to meet the requirements of the Minimum Competency Regulations (Gazette 29967, June 2007) and to enhance the skills of Financial Management Practitioners.

Norkem Leadership Development Institute is situated in South Africa (Johannesburg) and provides structured, approved training and Development as well as support to strategic leadership and management to transform all spheres of Government.

We also provide Specialist Corporate training, amongst others, in the following areas; Project Management Programmes, Financial Management and Economic Analysis programmes, Human Resources Management Development, Sage Pastel Accounting Training, Microsoft programmes, Public sector Management Programmes, Computer and ICT Programmes. In selecting the programmes we ensure that programme participants are able to apply their learning experiences to real-life business problems. Accordingly we believe that the reinforcement of learning is vitally important.

Our Company’s name and ethos specifically emphasizes on Leadership and Development, as we focus on African Leadership Development as opposed to growth. Where Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of Leadership within an individual or organization.

At NLDI we research skills gaps and from there we then design and develop all our programs in great detail with one aim in mind to make a positive impact to your organization.

At NLDI “It`s more than Leadership Development”, as we focus on service excellence, dedicated customer service as well as developing and empowering people – whether they are Participants, Facilitators, Staff or Service Providers.



  • Accredited Training Institute
  • Quality Accredited Programmes
  • Quality Training Material
  • Pre-Program Preparation
  • Accredited and experienced Facilitators with Industry Know-how
  • Quality High Tech Training Facilities
  • Professional and experienced Staff
  • Our commitment to service excellence and customer service
  • We develop new programmes and customize them to our client’s needs.


We believe that the learning experience should extend beyond the actual classroom – including both pre-programme preparation and post-program learning reinforcement processes.

In this regard, NLDI offers confidential one-on-one pre-program communication with all Programme Participants via email in order to gauge their interests and skills gaps, and pinpoint specific customization needs. This pre-program communication further helps Programme Participants to prepare and develop a positive attitude towards participating in the program, accordingly our commitment to Program Participants does not end when the Programme finishes.

Every Programme Participant attending our Programmes receives extensive and ongoing support from NLDI and their highly qualified Program Facilitators. The type of post-program support we offer, does vary depending on the training program.